Festivals are fun – and exhausting.

I am not talking about the great storytelling festivals – they don’t happen in Devon and Cornwall. Here our festivals are mostly small, local events, featuring music, arts, crafts, books, poets, writers and, sometimes, storytellers.
I love telling at these festivals – though, often, the needs of a storyteller are not understood.

Stories are a quiet, activity and cannot work right next to a drumming workshop, or beside a circus tent with excessively amplified music, or close to a fun activity that has excited children screaming with pleasure, or beside a craft activity that requires constant hammering…. you get the idea..
Some organisers seem to think that tents and tipis are soundproof!
Having a tent or tipi is a necessary luxury. Somehow it always rains at a festival, or else the sun is so hot that shade is essential.

I have not yet thought of a way to use Zoom for these local festivals – so, for me, they remain live and must be somewhere in Devon and Cornwall.
But now, post-pandemic, there are a growing number of great international storytelling festivals online and, thanks to video, I am proud to have been included as a teller in several of these.