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A new round of stories is launched today, 7th July 2021 – including Morpho,
my version of a legend from the Amazon Rain Forest

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Care Homes

Masked storyteller

At last I have started telling stories in care homes again – but telling while wearing a mask is frustrating. I rely so much on facial expression.


Maisie is starting to remember her role as Storyteller’s Companion, and she loves all the attention.


The UKLA International Conference 2021

UKLA conference tellers

This evening, 2nd July, I was invited to tell a story at the conference storytelling concert. I chose ‘Small Creatures’ because it is currently one of my favourite tales.


Thanku so much for sharing such a lovely story with us. It was great to have you as part of Bhopal Storytellers Tribe!
Thanks & regards,
Team BST 

My first award as a storyteller….
and it is indeed an honour to win in India, a land with such a strong tradition of storytelling.
The video I submitted is
Small Creatures