Queen Victoria

Storytelling can happen anywhere.

Maisie, the Storyteller's Companion

Hotels, Clubs, Dinners, Special Events…. People of all ages love my stories.

Care Homes and Nursing Homes invite me back several times a year. The residents – no matter what their ability – just love listening and watching a live storyteller. And they also love Maisie, my Storyteller’s Companion.

Wandering Storyteller

But, please don’t ask me to tell round the bonfire! The smoke gets everywhere and sneezing and coughing does not improve the stories.

And, please don’t ask me to do children’s birthday parties. For those you need a Children’s Entertainer, not a Traditional Storyteller.

Tintagel Castle

Wandering Storyteller

When the weather is right, I may well be found up on the cliffs or down in a valley – or anywhere, actually – inviting passers-by to pause a while and listen to a story…..

The stories are free (though some listeners do insist on making a donation – thank you) – I do it because stories are important and I love telling them to people who may never have encountered a real, traditional storyteller before.

We were so blessed to have had Jill Lamede cross our path along the cliff tops of Tintagel. She mesmerised our children with her magical story about dragons and fighter planes! It was based around a real event in Tintagel where a plane nearly crashed and mysteriously avoided setting fire to the town. The story brought the town of Tintagel alive and made our children want to explore all the places Jill mentioned. Jill is a local treasure with such skill and charm and really made our holiday ……………… Emily W (August 2020)