Stories are too important to be unaffordable, so my fees are flexible.
I simply ask that you pay whatever you

honestly feel your budget can afford.

As a Guide

The cost
  • Small local charities usually manage to pay £50 – £75 for an afternoon or evening.
  • Schools pay what they can afford up to £190 a day (the Arts Council recommended rate)
  • Private parties, dinners, etc. usually offer about £100
  • Large organisations may offer up to £200 an hour.

Now there is video and Zoom – this is so new – how can I decide what to charge?
Just contact me and we will agree on something that works. Many zoom events now accept voluntary donations from the audience instead of selling tickets.

Please Note

As I can no longer drive in the dark, any evening face-to-face bookings can only be accepted if you can offer transport. And… it is difficult for me to travel beyond Devon & Cornwall.
Obviously, video and zoom bookings are unaffected. With zoom I can travel the world!