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Story CD

An audio cd of 7 of my favourite stories.

A Review on Amazon by J. Law on 7 April 2012
A Very Entertaining Collection
We listen to this very often and my children love re-enacting the stories and telling them to their friends, in particular the Blue Rose. I recommend this highly especially for listening to in Cornwall!
Tintagel Dragon

Why is the roof of Tintagel’s Old Post Office so curvy?
Why is there a hole in the waterfall at St Nectan’s Glen?
What caused the plane crash in Tintagel in 1979.
How did a small boy survive being swept out to sea at Trebarwith Strand in 1973?
How did a father and son survive a similar accident at Bossiney in 1998?
The answer to all these questions is: The Tintagel Dragon did it!

If you like dragons, you will love the Tintagel Dragon.
He is young and lonely.
He needs a friend.

Green Dragon

While searching for an illustrator for this book, I met a 13 year old girl, Kaylie, sitting in a pub and drawing dragons on scraps of paper. I was impressed, and learning that she wanted to become an illustrator, I offered her a contract. Her beautiful pictures are on every page (except the cover)

'it' - my first book

My first book – the book that turned me into a storyteller.

‘it’… is a true story.
‘it’… is the story of my husband’s illness and death,
‘it’… is a story of love.

Just a few of the many readers’ comments:

  • ‘it’ is  a book full of love, courage, humility­, constancy and, sometimes, despair­.
  • You have written a beautiful book. It’s a very fine achievement. It was a privilege for me to be able to read it.
  • A superb piece of writing! 
  • It is a FINE book, well written, and a story which needs wider exposure.
  • I couldn’t put it down. What a tragic story, with so much pain. What can I say.  I started reading and couldn’t stop… being dyslexic it is difficult for me to read extensive “writings…” but this one… I couldn’t stop… My heart is in my throat, as if choking me for want of better treatment for those in need.  You have brought your husband into my life.  I feel as if I have met him… and I will never forget him.  Thank you (both) for letting me in.
  • I think ALL women should read this book.