Who am I?

As I live in the beautiful, magical birthplace of King Arthur, I am widely known as The Tintagel Storyteller.

But I am also a writer and actor – see my personal website www.lamede.com

The stories I tell are my own versions of folktales and legends from around the world.
Long, long ago, Tintagel was a port visited by ships from all over the Mediterranean and beyond. The stories that would have been heard here are the ones told by the sailors and merchants as they sat round the fire in the castle or the inns. These are the tales I love to tell.

Jill Lamede

My Favourite Review

This review was posted online the day after
my very first international, solo concert on zoom.

“I cannot allow another hour to pass without mentioning Jill’s wonderful performance yesterday.
My thanks to you, Jill, for such sensitive and powerful telling.
As a listener, I KNOW I can give myself to the listening experience, completely confident that you will carry me through the telling and bring me safely to the other side at the end of the tale.
I particularly appreciated that all your stories are so carefully crafted. You make them seem so artless, yet the practitioner sees how you have worked to make them so. 
All kudos to your stamina, too. You told for around two hours and there was no sign of your focus flagging. That, with only the camera, is impressive.
Thank you for the beautiful evening.”

(Richard Martin,Storyteller Jan 2021 telletale.eu)

Wow! I really couldn’t ask for a better review and I am so pleased it comes from such an internationally respected and experienced storyteller.