And I have so many stories for you….

Stories are for Everyone – and All Ages from 5 to 95

Stories old – Stories new
Some familiar – Some strange – Always entertaining
Suitable for events; dinners; weddings; schools
or winter evenings beside the fire

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Getting Started Again – Festivals

Festivals – Day 1

Well… not really a festival. It was a weekend camp for people with special needs, their families and carers – and I really didn’t know what to expect.


Getting started again

Pt 1, 2 & 3


After an enforced break, I decided to get back into storytelling by learning to tell stories in a pre-school.

Why You Need Stories

Stories are good for you.
They help you relax.
They entertain.
They take you to another time/place.
They stimulate the imagination.
They answer the questions you
haven’t asked yet.


Traditional Storytellers do not read aloud from books

Nor do they recite from memory
They tell from the heart
They tell direct to you
The words will change with each telling
It is a unique performance, just for you.

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New round of tales launched


I have started telling stories in Care Homes again……


I told a story at the 2021 UKLA International Conference


I Won!

First Prize

I would love to tell you some stories